We're GoSocial Marketing, a digital marketing agency that loves to help businesses grow.

Steve Attard CEO and Founder of GoSocial Marketing

Our mission

GoSocial Marketing is a force for helping businesses bounce back from COVID-19 through transformational digital marketing programs.

Our promise

We deliver digital marketing solutions that drive results, not just clicks.

How we do it

When the health crisis hit, we knew we had to find a way to survive, and we knew other businesses did too.

That’s when we decided to streamline our processes, combine our cross-channel expertise, and create a one-stop digital marketing store to get your digital marketing up to speed fast.

By completely reinventing our delivery processes in an agile way we could then delivery better results and pass on significant cost-savings to our clients.

Meet our Leadership

Steve Attard, founder and CEO of GoSocial Marketing, is a graduate of Henley Business School with a Masters of Business Administration.

Steve has created marketing campaigns for start-ups as well as industry giants including McDonald’s, Nivea, and Pepsi.

Since launching in 2016, GoSocial Marketing has helped businesses of all sizes to bring in a steady flow of clients using our mobile and social media marketing solutions.

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